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Richard A. Allcorn
... IT Systems Engineer/Admin, Cloud Accounts & ID Consultant

The IT Technology field is constantly changing, growing and expanding, in new possibilities and technologies and in the needed knowledge, expertise, and diversity to work with these in the field of business. With the growing and demanding needs and innovations in the IT field, an IT professional has a constant job of just staying "sharp" and up-to-date.

In a field where it is becoming literally impossible for one particular individual to have a broad understanding of all of these areas, Richard Allcorn stands out! Often called the exception to the "Jack-of-all-trades" rule, Richard's ability to recall and quickly understand various technologies and software applications makes him an ideal information resource in the IT Technologies field. Often complimented on his definition of "the cloud" technologies term, Richard has been working with computers since CP/M 2.2 was the defacto standard for a personal computer, and when mainframes and minicomputers were the only equipment capable of running UNIX. But since that time, things have changed, drastically. Businesses all over the world are now using technologies that range from yesterday's news to the very latest in cutting edge developments. Finding someone who knows these many systems, and can make intelligent, informed decisions relating to these, is a challenging task at best.

Over the years, the awesome power of the UNIX operating system has been exponentially transformed and developed through Open Source resources in the version LINUX, the "free" alternative to UNIX. LINUX is the power behind over 83+% of the major servers on the Internet today, and is the key OS for Android smartphones, with Apple running on their version of UNIX. Massive server systems like Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and more, all run on the LINUX operating system. Most of the worlds smart devices now run on LINUX, and like UNIX, LINUX is capable of "talking" to just about anything out there, whether yesterday's technology or tomorrows creation!

When UNIX first became available for the PC hardware, under the name XENIX, Rich was there! He fell in love with the various features of UNIX, sendmail, UUCP, crontab, the spooler system, terminal management, tar, and the whole gammut of features that made the UNIX OS versatile in just about any application. Today, LINUX, the able replacement for UNIX, supports all of the features of yesterday, and all of these wonderful features of today!

A Technical Mind
pastors Rich and Jane Allcorn

Richard is a talented individual, able to operate just about any piece of equipment or machinery. While serving in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Air Force Reserves, he had just about every warehouse tug, forklift, and vehicle that had wheels listed on his military drivers license. He has operated front-end loaders, backhoes, trenchers, post hole diggers, tractors, and all sorts of farm implements and machinery as well.

Office equipment and technical machinery are no different. He can operate just about anything, with little or no instruction. In software he is just as adept at learning quickly, and has mastered the Microsoft Office suite to include MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerpoint, and MSPublisher. He works well with Open Office, Libre Office and with Apple's Pages, Numbers and Keynote. He works with a variety of other software as well, many audio recording apps, website design apps, database software and management tools. He learns fast, and his expertise extends from Microsoft Windows to UNIX and LINUX, to Apples Mac OS X. He has served as the IT Systems Engineer/Admin for UNIX and LINUX systems, for Windows Servers, and works with Apple's Mac OS X Server as well. He is well familiar with what is now called "cloud services", including Lamp services, domain registration and management, social media services, blogging, and web page and HTML design, and is right at home with the new Google Apps services and administration.


A Family Man

pastors Rich and Jane AllcornRichard is a family man, and considers that of prime importance in his life. Together with his wife, Jane, of 17+ years, they have 2 boys. Currently living in the Austin Texas area near Round Rock, Richard and Jane both enjoy working out of their home. Richard works as a freelance IT consultant, performing various contract jobs and assignments. Jane works as a full-time sr. mortgage processor.

Richard, born in Coleman Texas, grew up in the West Texas region, near San Angelo. Jane grew up in McAllen. After graduating High School a year early, she moved to Austin in 1984, and Richard moved there in 1985. They never met until almost 10 years later, when they immediately fell in love and were married! Now, they both work out of their home, each with their own office space, equipment and resources.

Richard is now leaning more towards a full-time position in his career. With their 2 sons, and plans for the future, Richard wants something more stable and consistent. The consulting and contracting business is always up-and-down, and after over 23 years in the IT field, Richard has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience that he hopes to utilize in his new full-time career.

They both love camping. Jane is amongst the best of camping buddies, Richard says! Conveniently located just off of FM620, near Parmer Lane, I-35, 183N and the new toll road system, they are about 30 minutes from any point in the Austin Texas area! They both love travel, and will sometimes spend time in West Texas, visiting Richard's parents in San Angelo. On occasion, they will take trips to Colorado, preferring the Pagosa Springs and Durango areas in the mountains. They both love camping and hiking, kayaking, bicycle riding, motorcycle trips, and they love to travel. Ranging from "road trips" to air travel, and maybe an occasional sea port or pleasure cruise, these two were meant for each other! To them, it is always important to get away and take some "famly time".

Always ready to help ...

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